Can Breathwork Really Reduce Stress? A Book Review of Breathing Space – For the Modern Woman

Book Review: Rating: AYogis, relaxation experts and Buddhists all extol the virtues of breath for stress relief and claim breath work unlocks health-compromising stress patterns. I’ve never been able to experience the power of breath, as they say. I take a few breaths and then do feel calmer, sometimes even more centered but to make a daily habit of breathing deeply never appealed to me. Quite frequently, I forget to take the time to breathe deeply.The 2009 book, “Breathing Space: Twelve Lessons for the Modern Woman” by yoga teacher Katrina Repka and yogi master Alan Finger finally opened my eyes (and my lungs) to the potential of breathing techniques.Repka is an early thirty-something woman who leaves her marketing career and hometown of Calgary in Canada to test her merits in New York City. Her friends and family, baffled by her decision, wondered, “How can she uproot herself like that at the time when she should be settling down and starting a family? How could she give up a good job, promising romantic prospects, and more importantly, us?” Though her motivations were not understood by her family, Repka had been drawn to New York City since childhood. One day, with all her courage and little support, she set off for the big city.”My life in Manhattan was supposed to be the complete opposite of my life in Calgary, Alberta. I would be thinner, smarter, happier, hipper. My work would be glamorous, my days and nights filled with excitement and fascinating new friends. I wasn’t going to settle for the comfortable routine that had threatened to stifle me in my old hometown.” *Once she settled in New York and adjusted to the pace and attractions she discovered that she brought her old Calgary self all the way to New York. Her new, glamorous New York self wasn’t as easy to keep on, no matter how many Prada shoes she purchased. Old insecurities and reservations bombarded her, screeching more loudly than the big city’s noise. Her old self doubt and restlessness was getting in the way. She wrestled with old questions about who she really was and what she wanted her life to be like. The answers, just as they did in Calgary, evaded her.Her frustration continued until she met yogi master Alan Finger. Finger ran a yoga studio in NYC. The studio had many yoga classes and Finger also offered private breathing consultations, that in Repka’s case, closely resembled psycho-therapy sessions.The book, Breathing Space, is broken into chapters that focus on different areas of self growth so the reader can quickly go to a chapter of relevance for themselves. Some of the titles are:Focus: The power of breath to help you see yourself clearly;
Criticism: The power of breath to erased self-destructive tendencies;
Faith: The power of breath to overcome hesitation and connect with your truth.As a woman in my thirties, I found Repka’s journey especially relevant to my own journey and quest for a fulfilling life. Repka is self effacing and willing to share embarrassing moments and mistakes with her readers but don’t be put off by her age. Her explorations, struggles, and victories are common among all women struggling with their identity and for those demanding an enriched life.* Breathing Space: Twelve Lessons for the Modern Woman by Katrina Repka and Alan Finger p. 2

Do Horse Joint Supplements Actually Work?

So, the veterinarian just evaluated your horse and determined that he is suffering from degenerative joint disease. What are you options? Do you simply need to make a few lifestyle changes for your horse or will you need to rely on horse joint supplements?Before you start using horse supplements, you need to be sure to ask the important questions and determine whether you are really getting your money’s worth.Do Horse Supplements Work?The effects of horse joint supplements have been studied for years. While these supplements are not always best choice for your horse, they are often the first step to reducing the symptoms of joint disease. Your veterinarian may recommend these joint supplements if your horse is:
In the early stages of joint disease
If your horse has recently been diagnosed with joint problems
If lifestyle changes have not helped reduce the symptoms of joint disease by themselves
In some cases, your veterinarian may discourage the use of these types of supplements. They may tell you that your horse’s condition has progressed to a point where supplements will not help. They may also tell you that joint injections would work better to care for the symptoms your horse experiences. While this information may be true, you still want to begin your horse’s treatment with regular supplements.Even if the horse’s condition has worsened to the point where the vet believes supplements won’t help, if you can afford a two month supply, you can try using them anyway. You may be surprised at the changes you see in your horse. The supplement may help your beloved equine deal with the pain and inflammation often associated with joint diseases like arthritis.Joint injections can be extremely helpful for horses with joint diseases, but regular injection can increase the risk of an infection. Before you begin using joint injections, try using horse joint supplements. You may be able to obtain the same effects and put off having your horse injected for a while.Using Horse Joint SupplementsChoosing the right supplements for horse joints is important, as is using them correctly. When you begin looking for these kinds of supplements, take a careful look at the ingredients. The products should have the best ingredients and the recommended level of these ingredients for the right therapeutic effect. The most common ingredients used for therapeutic reasons in these supplements are Glucosamine and MSM. Other ingredients, like vitamin A, copper, magnesium, B vitamins, and zinc may also be used to enhance the effect of the product for joint care.Each horse supplement product will have its own instructions for recommended use. In general though, the loading dose, which is given during the first two or three weeks, is double the amount of the regular, maintenance dose. The loading dose is used to increase the levels in the horse’s body fast. This will allow you to see the effects of the supplement more quickly.Horse joint supplements do work well for many horses. If you think these kinds of horse supplements may help your horse deal with the symptoms of joint disease, speak to your veterinarian today.